Club Tournaments - Overview

Most chess takes place in Scotland between August and April - the summer period is generally quieter and only the Scottish Championships and one or two congresses occur then. The League season is October to March and our own tournaments mostly mirror that apart from the championships which stretches a little further past the end of the season.

Internal Tournaments

The plaque listing the club officers
and champions for the first 100 years

We run the Club Championship on an all-play-all basis for the stronger players with a Swiss for the lowest level event.

Season 2019-20

Entry for this year's championship is now closed. The formats and dates are as follows:

Championship A

An 8-player event run over 7 rounds. Composed of the champion, the top 6 rated players entering, and the winner of the next level tournament from the previous year.

Championship B

Similar to the top event and composed of the next 8 rated players entering.


The remaining players will play a 7 round Swiss tournament. To avoid having very strong players playing the less experienced in the first few rounds, the pairings will use an accelerated system. Pairings for the Challengers will be made available on the Saturday before each round.

Match dates

Round 1 - 9th Oct
Round 2 - 6th Nov
Round 3 - 4th Dec
Round 4 - 8th Jan
Round 5 - 5th Feb
Round 6 - 5th Mar
Round 7 - 11th Jun

Time Control is 34 moves in 1 hour and 25 minutes followed by a 20 minute quick play (The same as is used in the Edinburgh League)