Newspaper clippings

The club has 6 large books full of old newspaper clippings from different eras. Geoff Chandler has been going though them looking for items connected with the club or other news of interest.

We'll present some of them here. Initially they'll be mostly unstructured but as the collection grows we'll try to put them in some sort of logical order.


Weekly Herald - 21st June 1873

Weekly Herald 1

1873 Club Championship - Final Table

They played each other three times.

1873 club championship table

Two items from The Scotsman - 18th July 1896

Scotsman clipping 1

Scotsman clipping 2


Glasgow Herald - 12th Sept 1896

forsyth opening

The Scotsman - 10th Oct 1896


The Scotsman - 17th Oct 1896

Scotsman 3


Edinburgh - Glasgow Correspondence Match - 1897

Edinburgh Citien 24th Oct 1902
The first President's v Vice-President's match

President v Vice-Presidents

The game mentioned can be seen in the 1900-1950 games section.

Portobello Advertiser 23rd Nov 1903
A meeting to form an Edinburgh Chess League

League meeting 1903

Edinburgh Citizen 11th Nov 1904:
A list of the teams playing in the early league

league teams 1904

Edinburgh Citizen 24th Feb 1905:
Edinburgh - Rome Correspondence Match 1902-1905

ECC-Rome match

Edinburgh Citizen 24th Dec 1905:
Visit by Mr J.H. Blackburne

Blackburn visit

Stirling Saturday Observer - 3rd July 1907
An interesting if non-club related item

Chess on trains

Dr Charles Frederick Knight 1853-1920

He donated the Knight Trophy which the teams in Edinburgh still play for today

Dr Knight

The Scotsman Weekly - 4th April 1931

league 1931

Richardson Cup Final 1931

Richardson 1931

Scotsman Weekly - 31st Oct 1931

ecc v the rest match 1931