Teams Events

Local to Edinburgh and Lothians

The club enters various local team tournaments and pays all entry fees for these so there is no additional cost to the players who take part.

Edinburgh Leagues

We currently run 7 teams in the Edinburgh and Lothians Leagues - 6 adult teams and 1 junior team (the Tiger Cubs). The latter have grown out of the Junior Training nights which for some years we ran in association with Chess Edinburgh - the body in charge of the Leagues.

Matches are played over 6 boards and we usually have a pool of around 8 or 9 players per team. In the higher divisions the usual time control is
34 moves in an hour and 25 minutes followed by a 20 minutes quick-play finish. Some of the lower division teams play to a faster time control.

Dates for all league matches are posted on the Club Calendar which is part of the club's News blog, once they are arranged at the league fixture meeting in October every year.

For season 2023/24 the league teams are as follows and the links take you to the Chess Edinburgh league tables:

The 1st team play in the Premier Division and are the reigning champions.

The 2nd team, 3rd team and 4th team play in the 1st Division (The 2nd team were relegated last year while the 4th team were promoted.)

The 5th Team play in the 2nd Division.

We now have a new 6th Team playing in the 3rd Division

Tiger Cubs also play in the 3rd Division. They have special dispensation from the League to play all their matches at home.

Our Team Pools can also be seen on the Chess Edinburgh site:

1st Team

2nd Team

3rd Team

4th Team

5th Team

6th Team

Tiger Cubs

Allegro League

The Edinburgh Leagues also run an Allegro League for teams of four players which take place at the Slateford Bowling Club once a month.

We currently run two teams in this event.

Summer Cup

In the off-season the Edinburgh Leagues run a team event on a grading-based handicap system allowing all teams to compete with each other equally. Our Tiger Cubs teams have won this on a number of occasions.