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Eric J Holt

Eric Holt was part of the very strong Boroughmuir school team of the late 60s and early 70s, being one of three from there to win the Scottish Boys championship, and played three times in the Glorney Cup. He led the Boroughmuir team which finished 2nd only to Edinburgh 1 in the old 1st Division, and was also Edinburgh CC champion in 1970-71.

He competed in a number of junior international events, including 3rd place in the 1970 Zurich tournament won by Llubojevic, and the following year he won the Scottish Championship (tied with Roddy McKay) and shortly after came 7th in his only entry to the British Championship.

After that event he retired from chess to concentrate on his studies and later emigrated to the USA where he became a minister. Sadly he died in 2013 after fighting cancer.

Eric's playing style leaned strongly towards the tactical and he was always fun to watch - he had a habit of saccing rooks on f7 in Bc4 Sicilians. As black he liked nothing better than playing the Modern Benoni and won many games with it.