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James M Aitken

One of Scotland's finest ever players, Aitken was Scottish champion on 10 occasions and played in four Olympiads and and three Zonal tournaments. He played for ECC in the Richardson Cup but spent most of his later life in Cheltenham after working in the Bletchley Park codebreaking facility during World War 2. His game scores and library are now in the club library.

There is a biography of Aitken on the Chess Scotland site

Below are some of his most notable games, including wins against Bogoljubow, Tartakower, and Mieses.

Thanks to the outstanding work of Geoff Chandler, who has been going through the Aitken scorebooks and transcribing the games, we now have his full collection of 2268 games in PGN format available for download (2.2Mb).