Edinburgh and Lothians Teams Event Reports - 2022-23

Edinburgh Chess League

1st Team

Our 1st team won the Premier Division again with a perfect match score of 10 wins out of 10 and an average score of 5-1 in those matches. Particular credit goes to Adam Bremner who scored 10/10 and Frederick Waldhausen Gordon who scored 7/7.

2nd Team

Having successfully clung on to Premier status for many years the 2nd team finally succumbed to the pressure, finishing 6th and thus being relegated.

3rd Team

In a very competitive Division 1 our 3rd team finished 4th. They scored well in the first round of matches but lost a couple of very tight ones by the narrowest of margins in the second round.

4th Team

In Division 2 our 4th team finished in 2nd place to Bank of Scotland 2 - with an equal number of match points but a game score just one point worse. However this was enough to gain them promotion for next year so we'll see three Edinburgh teams in Div 1.

5th Team and Tiger Cubs

Tiger Cubs and Edinburgh 5 finished 1st and 2nd in Div 3 on equal match points, with Tiger Cubs having a slightly better game score. Well done to both teams.

Tiger Cubs declined promotion and Edinburgh 5 will play in Div 2 next year.


Edinburgh Allegro League

Edinburgh 1 finished in 5th place as Civil Service 1 scored an impressive victory.

Edinburgh 2 scored 50% in their match results but with the tournament being decided on game scores their results left them down in 10th place.

Summer Cup

No prizes this year - Edinburgh losing in the 1st round and Tiger Cubs in the 2nd. Both got to the semi-final of the Plate before losing by narrow margins.