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Alastair F. White

in his own words

Professional Career:

Financial Services—Insurance clerk, Office Administrator, Systems Analyst, Systems Manager Standard Life, Lloyds Banking Group

Chess Clubs:

1963-6 George Heriot’s School, Edinburgh
1966-8 Edinburgh University CC
1968-9 Standard Life Chess Club
1968 –present Edinburgh Chess Club (Honorary Life member)
1970-73 Edinburgh Central Chess Club
  Heriot-Watt Chess Club
1977-9 Castle Chess Club
1980-81 Bank of Scotland Chess Club


Team Honours:

1963-4 Edinburgh ‘C’ Schools League (winners) George Heriot’s School
1964-5 Edinburgh ‘B’ League (winners) George Heriot’s School
1970-1 Edinburgh ‘A’ League (winners) Edinburgh Central
1971-2 Edinburgh ‘A’ League (winners) Edinburgh Central
1972-3 Spens Cup (winners) Edinburgh Central
1984-5 Edinburgh ‘A’ League (winners) Edinburgh CC
1986-7 SNCL Division 1 (winners) Edinburgh CC
1989-90 SNCL Division 1 (winners) Edinburgh CC
1992-3 SNCL Division 1 (winners) Edinburgh CC
1992-3 Edinburgh ’A’ League (winners) Edinburgh CC
1994 SCA Team Lightning (winners) Edinburgh CC
1995-6 Edinburgh Premier League (winners) Edinburgh CC


Individual Honours: (wins only)

1967 Junior Training Tournament Edinburgh 1st (5/7, unbeaten)
(ahead of Glorney cup players E Holt, C Campbell, R D Waugh and Donald Marr)
1968 Scottish Open Ayr 1st= (5½/7 shared with Robert Clapham)
1969 East of Scotland Championship Dundee 1st= (shared with Brian Whyte)
1972 Scottish Open Dundee 1st= (shared with 4 others)
1977-8 Castle Chess Club Championship   Winner
1978 East of Scotland Championship Perth 1st= (shared with Chris Morrison)
1978-9 Castle Chess Club Championship   Winner
197? Dundee Ladywell Invitation Dundee Winner
1984-5 Edinburgh CC President’s Cup   Winner
198? Edinburgh Congress Challengers   Winner
1993-4 Edinburgh CC President’s Cup   Winner
1993-4 Edinburgh CC Championship   Winner
2004 Scottish Senior Championship Hamilton 1st= (6/7 shared with G Murphy)
2005 Scottish Senior Championship Oban 1st= (5½/7 shared with J Gibson)
2007 Scottish Senior Championship Cumbernauld 1st (6/7 outright winner)


Tournaments outside Scotland:

2008 British Senior Championship Liverpool 4½/7
2012 British Senior Championship North Shields 5/7 =3rd
2013 London Chess Classic London 3½/7
2015 London Chess Classic London 3/6
2016 Vienna Chess Open Vienna, Austria 4/8
2019 Berlin Open Berlin, Germany 3½/7


Representative Honours:

2008 European Senior Team Ch Dresden, Germany Scotland Bd 2 3½/7
2009 European Senior Team Ch Velden, Austria Scotland Bd 2 6/9
2009 European Senior Ch Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia   3½/9
2010 European Senior Team Ch Dresden, Germany Scotland Bd 2 4½/9
2011 European Senior Team Ch Litochoro, Greece Scotland Bd 2/3 2½/7
2012 European Senior Team Ch Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia Scotland Bd 3/4 3/7 captain
2013 World Senior Ch Kamena Vourla, Greece   4½/9
2014 European Senior Team Ch Plovdiv, Bulgaria Scotland Bd 2 5/9 captain
2014 European Club Cup Rhodes, Greece Edinburgh CC Bd 5 1/7
2014 European Senior Team Ch Sibenik, Croatia Scotland 2 Bd 1 2½/9
2014 World Senior Teams 50+ Vilnius, Lithuania Scotland Bd 2 5½/9 captain
2015 European Senior Ch 65+ Eretria, Greece   4½/9
2016 European Senior Team 65+ Halkidikki Greece Scotland 2 bd 1 3½/9
2016 European Club Cup Novi Sad, Serbia Edinburgh CC bd 5 2½/7
2018 European Senior Team 65+ Walbrzych, Poland Scotland bd 3 5/9
2018 World Senior Team 65+ Radebeul, Germany Scotland bd 3 5½/9
2019 World Senior Team 65+ Rhodes, Greece Scotland bd 3 4/8
2020 World Senior Team 65+ Prague, Czechia Scotland bd 1/2 4½/8


Chess Administration etc.

Former Secretary, Edinburgh Chess League

Former President, Edinburgh & Lothians Chess Association

Former President, Edinburgh Chess Club

Chess Scotland Council Member


Notable Games:

1965 White, A vs Jardine, I Heriots vs Allan Glens Sunday Times Section 1 Final 1-0 (31)
1966 White, A vs Goldberg, A Heriots vs Stockbridge Edinburgh League 1-0 (10 moves)
1969 White, A vs Giulian, P Glasgow Candidates Glasgow 1-0 (32)
1970 Smyslov, V (GM) vs White, A Simul Edinburgh ½-½ (40)
1976 White, A vs Aitken, J M Sc Open Dundee 1-0 (41)
1977 White, A vs Buchanan, W Sc Championship Glasgow 1-0 (31)
1979 Norris, A vs White, A Sc Championship St Andrews 0-1 (32)
1980 White, A vs Muir, A Sc Championship Troon 1-0 (27)
1989 Ruxton, K (2250) vs White, A Edinburgh League   0-1 (46)
1995 White, A vs Pimentil, S ECC vs Wandering Dragons Edinburgh 1-0 (27)
2009 White, A vs Nordstrom, F (2187) EU Senior Teams Velden 1-0 (28)
2010 White, A vs Niebling, F (2197) EU Senior Teams Dresden 1-0 (37)
2011 Edwards, R (2017) vs White, A EU Senior Teams Thessaloniki 0-1 (18)
2012 Frick, C (2264) vs White, A World Senior Ch Kamena Vourla 0-1 (41)
2012 Hohler, P (2264FM) vs White, A World Senior Ch Kamena Vourla 0-1 (26)
2012 White, A vs Baterdene, T (1675J10) London Classi Olympia 1-0 (36)
2012 Skuja, A (2145) vs White, A World Senior Teams Vilnius 0-1 (27)
2014 Maisuradze, N (2323) vs White, A London Classic Olympia 0-1 (29)
2016 Marks, Iain (1805) vs White A Richardson Semi vs Cathc   0-1 (25)
2018 Hammar, B (2133) vs White, A EU Senior Teams Walbrzych 0-1 (24)
2018 Beltz, R (2198) vs White, A World Senior Teams Radebeul 0-1 (22)
2020 White, A vs Janda, Z (2065) World Senior Teams Prague 1-0 (30)

Some of Alastair's games can be found in the Games section


Other chess trivia:

1976—Co-founder and co-editor of ‘Capital Chess’ magazine with Ian Mullen.

1980—I stayed in a battered old caravan near Troon for the Scottish Championship congress, along with Ian Mullen, Alan Norris, and Geoff Chandler. You can imagine what that was like!

1984—I met with Anatoly Karpov and showed him around Edinburgh, along with John Glendinning. I also managed to take him (against the wishes of his KGB ‘minder’) up to the Edinburgh Chess Club, where I got him to sign the visitors’ book.

2008—Along with Sigrun MacGilchrist and Hugh Flockhart, I organised the first ever Scottish Seniors team to play in the European Senior Team Championship in Dresden that year. Gerald Bonner and Alan Borwell were also persuaded to play. That gave me a first taste for playing Senior Chess in Europe and after that I got a FIDE grading which reached its highest ever level, 2114, soon after at the age of 61)

2012—I shared a lift at Olympia with Vladimir Kramnik, Judit Polgar, Levon Aronian and his girlfriend (later wife) Arianne Caolli. Following that my rating went up to its second highest ever level (2112—at the age of 65). Co-incidence or what?

2014—another good win in London against the highly rated French Ladies Champion after sharing a lift with former ECC member and British Champion, Grandmaster Jonathan Parker.

2016—In the Richardson Cup Semi-Final against Cathcart, I played a decidedly speculative pawn gambit as Black against Iain Marks. I beat him, and he was sufficiently impressed to try it himself later in the year against strong Russian GM Nikolai Pushkov. He won a famous victory.

2018—Playing in Europe again with a good win as black against Robert Beltz after he ’refused’ my gambit. Then characteristically thorough opening preparation and a strong continuation got me another Black win against Swedish FM Bengt Hammar, with a theoretical novelty on the 14th move. Scotland beat Sweden in that match, but it didn’t stop them winning a medal and Bengt Hammar winning a board prize.


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