Club Championship A - Draw

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Pairing of round 1

Bo.White PlayerResultBlack Player
1Richard Kynoch -Michael Ridge
2Paul Roberts -Chris Sykes
3Willie Rutherford -Raj Bhopal
4Andre Antunes -Neil Irving

Pairing of round 2

Bo.White PlayerResultBlack Player
1Michael Ridge - Neil Irving
2Raj Bhopal - Andre Antunes
3Chris Sykes - Willie Rutherford
4Richard Kynoch - Paul Roberts

Pairing of round 3

Bo.White PlayerResultBlack Player
1Paul Roberts ... Michael Ridge
2Willie Rutherford ... Richard Kynoch
3Andre Antunes ... Chris Sykes
4Neil Irving ... Raj Bhopal

Pairing of round 4

Bo.White PlayerResultBlack Player
1Michael Ridge ... Raj Bhopal
2Chris Sykes ... Neil Irving
3Richard Kynoch ... Andre Antunes
4Paul Roberts ... Willie Rutherford

Pairing of round 5

Bo.White PlayerResultBlack Player
1Willie Rutherford ... Michael Ridge
2Andre Antunes ... Paul Roberts
3Neil Irving ... Richard Kynoch
4Raj Bhopal ... Chris Sykes

Pairing of round 6

Bo.White PlayerResultBlack Player
1Michael Ridge ... Chris Sykes
2Richard Kynoch ... Raj Bhopal
3Paul Roberts ... Neil Irving
4Willie Rutherford ... Andre Antunes

Pairing of round 7

Bo.White PlayerResultBlack Player
1Andre Antunes ... Michael Ridge
2Neil Irving ... Willie Rutherford
3Raj Bhopal ... Paul Roberts
4Chris Sykes ... Richard Kynoch

Match dates

Round 1 - 9th Oct
Round 2 - 6th Nov
Round 3 - 4th Dec
Round 4 - 8th Jan
Round 5 - 5th Feb
Round 6 - 5th Mar
Round 7 - 11th Jun

Time Control is 34 moves in 1 hour and 25 minutes followed by a 20 minute quick play (The same as is used in the Edinburgh League)