Membership Information


Membership Type Annual Fee
Full £50
Full - Concession (unemployed or OAP) £30
Country (More than 10 miles from Edinburgh city centre) £30
Student £30
Junior (18 or under) £20
Associate (Casual Play only - no match play) £20
Life Apply to Treasurer

The club is owned by the members (excluding Associate Members), who have rights in the property for as long as they retain their membership. Members can play for the League teams and in the club's internal tournaments and can vote in the AGM.

Associate Membership is designed for those who only wish to play casual chess and is also often chosen by players who have allegiances to other clubs but wish to play more often.

The club year runs from August 1st -July 31st. A proportional reduction in fees is available to anyone joining for the first time after 1st Dec. Please contact the Treasurer or the Membership Administrator for details.

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