FIDE Master Neil Berry, the club’s first team captain for many years and previous Scottish chess champion, gave a talk last night to the club entitled ‘The President’s King.’

Fischer vs Andersson (Siegen, 1970): White to play?

A thought provoking and fascinating presentation which demonstrated unusual king themes across the full game cycle – from transitioning out of the opening into the the middle game and onto the end-game.  The games were taken from both Grand Master play (e.g. Fischer vs Andersson in the picture above – no-one in the audience came up with Fischer’s next move as white!) and some of his own games.

Neil even included a losing position he had reached against GM Peter Wells – where Peter’s king moved across to the Q side leaving his pieces free to break through on the king side:

Peter Wells vs Neil Berry (89th BCF Championship, Torquay, 2002): position after 19. …Bf5

Note that post-match analysis found a missed stalemate drawing opportunity for Neil just before he was mated!?!

Peter Wells vs Neil Berry (89th BCF Championship, Torquay, 2002): position after 46. Rf8: Post-match analysis – stalemate?

Another position examined was from Neil’s win against Oswald Bindrich (father of GM Falco Bindrich) where a contra-normal king move exploited the blockaded queen side:

Bindrich Oswald vs Neil Berry: position after 12.h5

The evening included various end-games illustrating the king traversing the board – including some “Scottish country dancing” in the following position which Neil has used in training the Scottish juniors:

The talk was followed by friendly games where everyone endeavoured to put into practice some of the lessons learned.

A great night – many thanks Neil!


Andre Antunes opened our chess season with the traditional simultaneous display.  He took on 20 opponents.

Club Simul 2019

There were grandmaster draws against juniors who needed to get to bed early!  Then followed many hard fought games including long games ending in draws.  10 games had a decisive result.  Andre won 7 and lost 3.

This was very impressive given the strength of the opposition. Thanks Andre and well done.

[Report by Raj Bhopal]

The Scotland heat of the UK Open Blitz was held in spacious surroundings at Broughton School in Edinburgh on September 7.  This was a FIDE rated tournament with each player having 3 minutes on the clock plus 2 seconds per move – very tough!

The event was jointly won by IM Andrew Greet and GM Justin Tan who both scored 13/15.  Willie Rutherford was the top player from the club coming in 25th with an excellent score of 8/15.

Other members playing included Mike & Ben Ridge, Calum Mcgillivray and Ian Whittaker (who was in close contention for the wooden spoon …).

Further details on the Chess Scotland and ECF web sites with full tournament results here.

This was a tough season for Edinburgh 2.

There were a number of close matches throughout the season, which went against us.

We started off with a heavy defeat to Edinburgh 1 – indeed the games were closer than the result.  Draws against Badgers Brook and University, along with narrow defeats by Edinburgh West and Dragons A, meant that we reached the halfway mark with only 2 points.

The second half of the season got underway with a tight defeat against Edinburgh 1, giving them a bit of a fright.  We followed this up with a win against Badgers Brook, our seasons highlight!

We then claimed a default win against University, when they failed to turn up at Alva Street.  Edinburgh West and Dragons A both beat us leaving us to wait for the final two games between Edinburgh 1 and University, with University needing to win one to overtake us.  Edinburgh 1 won one and claimed one by default. This ensured that Edinburgh 2 remained in the playoff place.

The playoff match was against Bank of Scotland which was closely contested with Edinburgh 2 winning narrowly.  Hence we will be in the Premier League next season.

Thanks to all who played this season.


Keith Aitchison (Captain),  Colin J Hutchison,  Lindsay A McGregor,  A David Archibald,  Neil Irving,  Michael Ridge,  Calum McGillivray,  Siddharth Berera,  Robert Kane,  Benjamin Ridge,  Raj Bhopal,  Lukah Connolly Sams,  Dietah Connolly Sams,  Ioannis Dabos-Doukas,  Snorri Kristjansson.

Full Premier Division results available here.

[Report by team captain Keith Aitchison]

The new season is not far away now. We begin with the Club AGM this Tuesday, followed by a simultaneous display on September the 24th. Unfortunately our club champion Paul Roberts is unable to give the simul, so runner up Andre Antunes will take on the club members. Good luck Andre!

Full details of our Tuesday programme will be available soon in the Club Events section of the website. The Edinburgh League beings in October, and our internal tournaments in November.