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Our Richardson Cup defence began and ended at the quarter final stage. We had a tough draw, away to Glasgow Polytechnic. Things were not looking good after a couple of hours play, and we were under pressure on a number of boards. We showed great fighting spirit to stay within striking distance – Kafka winning from a dubious looking position, and Oswald taking great risks to also net a point. We were still a bit behind – with 2 games to play we were a point behind. MacQueen had decent winning chances, but I was a pawn down in a Rook Ending to John Shaw. I expected to suffer, but defended well and even came up with a sneaky trap:

Now if White plays 1.Rf3??, Black has 1…g2 2.Rg3 and now the deflection 2…Rf3+! forces promotion. John played 1.Rf1, and after 1…Kxf6 2.Rg1 Rf3+ 3.Kb4 Kg5 a draw was soon agreed as both sides will give up their Rooks for the remaining pawns.

John said afterwards that he nearly played 1.Rf3! I’m not sure how close he actually was, but that was probably the last moment where victory was possible. Calum’s game was also eventually drawn, so the final result was:
Polytechnic 4.5-3.5 Edinburgh

Colin McNab 1-0 Clement Sreeves (W)
John Shaw draw Neil Berry
Vitalijs Samolins draw Calum MacQueen
Iain Swan draw Andrew Green
Larry Kirk 0-1 David Oswald
Algirdas Tiuninas 1-0 Hugh Brechin
Elaine Bamber 1-0 Raj Bhopal
Joseff Thomas 0-1 Graeme Kafka

So congratulations to Polytechnic. They will be hard to stop this year.

Home Director Keith Rose has tried to instigate a consolation tournament for the Richardson Cup losers. A very good idea in principle, but there hasn’t been too much interest. We will play one match at least, against last years’ finalists Edinburgh West next month at the club.

Played 22/1:

Edinburgh West 1.5 – 6.5 Edinburgh

Keti Arakhamia-Grant 0-1 Neil Berry

Craig Pritchett 0-1 Sebastian Gattenloehner

Jonathan Grant 0-1 Andrew Green

Neil Farrell 0-1 Calum MacQueen

Daniel McGowan draw George Neave

Alan Bell draw Alastair White

Ian McLean 0-1 Hugh Brechin

Kevin Mayo draw Graeme Kafka

A fantastic result!   The semi final draw will be made on Thursday.  Possible opponents are Dundee, Galsgow Polytechnic or Bon Accord, so watch this space…

The Chess Edinburgh Premier Division for the 2010/11 Season began last night with a match between Edinburgh 1 and 2.  The second team were weakened by the absence of a few of their regulars, and the match was closer and more hard fought than the final scoreline suggests.  However:

Edinburgh 1 5.5-0.5 Edinburgh 2

Neil Berry 1-0 Chris McIntee

Andrew Green 1-0 Mike Ridge

Daniel McGowan 1-0 David Archibald

Hugh Brechin 1-0 Mark Sanderson

David Oswald 1-0 Colin Hutchison

Graeme Kafka 0.5-0.5 Keith Aitchison

On another note, the Richardson Cup draw has thrown up a cracking match for us against Edinburgh West, while the Spens draw has us away to East Kilbride in the first round.

Semi final played 14/03/10:

Dragons 5-3 Edinburgh

Mark Orr 1-0 Neil Berry

Mark Fraser 0-1 Sebastian Gattenloehner

Alan Minnican 1-0 Andrew Green

Graham Hamilton 1-0 Clement Sreeves

John McLay 0-1 Alastair White

Walter Burnett 0.5-0.5 Graeme Kafka

Elliot Sloan 0.5-0.5 Hugh Brechin

Eoin Campbell 1-0 Calum MacQueen

A disappointing end to this season’s Richardson campaign.  Good luck to Dragons in the final, they certainly played the better chess overall on the day.