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We entered 2 Teams in the Edinburgh 2020 Team Rapid event at Edinburgh University Teviot Hall on Saturday. The 1st Team came first on tiebreak from Glasgow University, with a strong Strathclyde University Team in 3rd. Individual scores (5 games): Neil Berry 3.5, Alastair White 2.5, Willie Rutherford 4, Andre Antunes 5. Both Willie and Andre won individual board prizes too.

A critical moment in our 2-2 draw with Edinburgh University. After 1.Na4?, my queenside initiative developed smoothly with …Qa5, …Ba6, …Rfc8, …Nf6-e4v and so on. Fortunately my opponent missed the shot 1.Nxd5!, when after 1…exd5 2.Qxd5 White exploits my lack of coordination to regain the material with interest.

Played on 26 January:

Edinburgh 1 5.5-0.5 Edinburgh 2

Neil Berry 1-0 Calum MacQueen

Sebastian Gattenloehner 1-0 Chris McIntee

Andrew Green 1-0 Mike Ridge

Daniel McGowan 1-0 Johnny Scott

Hugh Brechin draw Colin Hutchison

Graeme Kafka 1-0 Keith Aitchison


Played 1 February:

Wandering Dragons 2 0.5-5.5 Edinburgh 1

Anthony Dempsey draw Neil Berry

Richard Kynoch 0-1 Sebastian Gattenloehner

Eoin Campbell 0-1 Andrew Green

Ewan Taylor 0-1 Daniel McGowan

Richard Carter 0-1 Hugh Brechin

Donald Heron 0-1 David Oswald

Played 12/1:

Edinburgh I 2-4 University I

Neil Berry 0-1 Pavlos Bozinakis

Sebastian Gattenloehner 0-1 Boris Mitrovic

Andrew Green 1-0 Stephan Michel

Daniel McGowan draw Adam Bremner

Hugh Brechin 0-1 ??

Graeme Kafka draw Jonathan Edwards

A bad day at the office.  University move 1 point clear of us at the top of the league.  There’s still the return fixture in March to play, so there’s still all to play for…