4 club members were in a 6 player group of Scots that played in the 9th Malakoff Open in Paris in April.  Due to a certain volcano disturbing our travel plans, the Scots arrived late and were paired against each other!  A further derby match Berry v Oswald took place in round 5.

Andrew Green took the scalp of Kozhuharov (2419) to round off a fine tournament on 6/9.  Neil Berry also scored 6.  David Oswald won the under 2000 Grading Performance Prize with his score of 5.5.  Clement Sreeves scored 4.5.

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l to r: Clement, Neil, David, Andrew, Andrew McClement

Draw for Round Two:

  1. Mike Ridge vs Shivan Murdochy
  2. Johnny Marr vs Keith Aitchison
  3. David Archibald vs Mark Sanderson
  4. Rod Cranston vs Robert Horne*

  • Round 2 Game 1 – Mon April 19th
  • Round 2 Game 2 – Mon April 26th

(*) Rod & Robert have arranged to play Round 2 Game 1 on April 26th and Game 2 on Tues 4th May, although this may change if both players agree (please let me know).

The lower rated player gets to choose colour for the first Game.

Round 1 Results:

Round 1 is now complete:

Mike Ridge 2 – 0 Fergus  Skillen
Shivan Murdochy proceeds – DEF Mark Smith
Johnny Marr 2 – 0 Stefan Robertson
Keith Aitchison proceeds – DEF Chris Sykes
David Archibald 2-0 Robert Burns
Mark Sanderson 2-0 Callum McGillivray
Rod Cranston proceeds – DEF Loukas Lazarov
Robert Horne 1.5 – 0.5 Bill Platts

Plate :

Another reminder for the Plate. Players who lose their first game are eligible to enter the ‘Plate’ competition. Callum and Robert Burns have entered so far. Please let me know if you wish to enter.

Matches played at Roslin, 8th April:

Round 13

Edinburgh 1      3.5 – 0.5   Lasswade

Edinburgh 2      2.5 – 1.5    Gorgie Dalry

Edinburgh 3        3   –   1      Civil Service

Edinburgh 3 win the Allegro League with 35 points.  Edinburgh 1 finished fourth with 29 points while Edinburgh 2 were 7th a further 2 points behind.  The winning squad comprised: David Archibald, Ben He, Sam Gregory, Calum McGillivray and Mark Sanderson – with Calum scoring 10/13, Sam 9.5/13 and Ben 7/11.  Shivan Murdochy scored 11/13 for Edinburgh 2.

The SNCL season ended with mixed fortunes. The first team finished second bottom in the top division and was relegated. The second team won the third division to gain promotion. So both teams will play in division 2 next year. Full results can be seen via the Chess Scotland website (go to leagues, then SNCL)