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The son of Angus Burnet, Jon Burnet, has kindly donated some of his late father’s books to the club. In his donation letter Jon mentions that Angus features in “500 Master Games of Chess” by Dr S Tartakower & J Du Mont (which is also held in the club’s library)!

Some of the inscriptions pasted in the donated books include a press clipping showing him winning the first Koltanowski Chess Cup in 1931:

and his school prize pasted in his copy of MCO (5th Edition, 1932):

Angus moved to Edinburgh in 1930 and was Scottish Boys’ champion in 1931, 1933 (shared with A.A. Thomson), and 1934 (after winning the deciding game with A.A. Thomson).  He played in the World Record Blindfold Display by Koltanowski at Edinburgh 1937 and was successful in club and league chess in Edinburgh, distinguished himself in several Scottish Championships and played in the 1951 Scotland-England match.

The SCA history web site has a number of pages with further details about Angus’ chess career and his involvement in Koltanowski’s blindfold display which, incidentaly,  also has the score of his game versus Koltanowski.

A letter of appreciation has been sent to Jon for his kind donation.


Update January 2020

Having successfully made his move to Llandudno Graham has uncovered several missing copies of BCCA’s CC magazine – filling in various gaps –  together with some BCF Yearbooks, a 75-year history of the BCCA  booklet and a BPCF Bulletin (neatly completing a gap!) – many thanks again Graham!    

Downsizing and moving to Llandudno has led Graham Williams to kindly donate many years (from 1976 onwards ….!) of BCCA’s Correspondence Chess magazine to the club’s library along with a number of tournament books and other publications.

These have now been catalogued and added to the club’s extensive library.