Club Bulletin 2nd May

This Week’s Activity

Today: UK Clubs Self-Isolating Pawns Team Battle at 8pm. You can sign up through the club’s homepage on lichess, or directly to Edinburgh Chess Club Community

Tuesday: Informal Club Night – allegro chess. Sign up through the club homepage and also use password 1822 (see comment above!).

Wednesday: Blitz Arena 7.45pm start: Blitz Arena.
Password again is 1822 to join.

Last Week

Last Saturday we made our debut in the UK Clubs Self-Isolating Pawns Team Battle. This is a Team competition that works in a similar way to the blitz arena on Wednesdays, except we all play against players only from other clubs. We finished in second place – report elsewhere on the blog.

We had a Tuesday club night featuring allegro games. I’m still learning about lichess, and we created a members only event to avoid having lots of random people who we didn’t know join. Our set up just meant that they asked to join the club first! This week we’ll use a password as well to keep private.

On Wednesday night again there was another blitz arena. As with last week this was opened up to a wider audience to increase the numbers. This time the visitors led the way, Andrew Greet from Bearsden won, and Rudolf Brauening was second. Rudolf is the president of Andre’s former club SK Bebenhausen, and we are looking to arrange a future online match. Best club member was Andrew Green in third place. 43 players competed.

Other Chess

A couple of recommendations. Let me know if you have any others!

For anyone with a Smartphone, the Play Magnus app is set to play at the same strength of World Champion Magnus Carlsen at various young ages (from 5 upwards). You can work your way to the next level once you master a lower level.

There are 3 English players running a regular podcast – TheChessPit (@chesspitpod on twitter). The latest episode featured a tribute to the UK’s first Grandmaster, the late Tony Miles, and there were mentions for club stalwarts Hugh Brechin and Geoff Chandler.
Latest Podcast