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With the UK in lockdown, the club are considering what activities can be run online for the time being. We are openly looking for suggestions and feedback from members. I have created a very simple online survey (3 questions) to do so:

Online Chess Survey

The blitz events have proved popular so far. With people being asked to stay indoors for more weeks to come, other events may also appeal and we will take forward those that are of interest.


We have paused our Tuesday program with the club being closed, but are exploring ways of running some events online.

The first will be an online blitz tournament on lichess this Tuesday. All members and friends are welcome! We start at 7.45pm, and will run the event for 90 minutes. The time control will be 3 mins + 2 seconds per move.

You can sign up using the link below:

Password is 1822

You can sign up at any time beforehand, and just make sure you are logged onto lichess for the starting time. We’ll see how it goes, and happy to take suggestions for future events.

Edinburgh 1 have retained the Premier Division title! A 5-1 victory against Badgers Brook on Monday clinched victory with a match to spare, with a record of played 9, won 8 drawn 1 (against Edinburgh 2!).

The squad this season was Adam Bremner, Petros Wallden, Neil Berry, Paul Roberts, Hugh Brechin, David Sime, Graeme Kafka, Willie Rutherford and Andre Antunes.

In the latest round of Premier Division matches, there were 2 wins for the 1st Team.

Clark’s Bar on Dundas Street is the new (temporary) home for Wandering Dragons. The first shock of the night of our match against them was finding out that the room was double booked with a Debating Society! A compromise was reached, meaning that 2 games were played in the main bar. So it was hard to get a feel of what was going on in the match as a whole. But I have the feeling we were doing well overall, and ran out winners with a 4-2 scoreline.

My game against Elliot Sloan featured a thematic exchange sacrifice:

Edinburgh 1 4-2 Wandering Dragons 1
Bremner ½ Orr
Wallden 1-0 Fleming
Berry 1-0 Sloan
Brechin 0-1 Heron
Rutherford ½ Taylor
Dawson 1-0 Kynoch

The following week we again won 4-2, this time against Badgers Brook. They surprised last season by maintaining a title challenge following promotion, and were level with us going into the match.

Edinburgh 1 4-2 Badgers Brook

Bremner ½ Cooke, S
Berry 1-0 McGeoch
Roberts ½ Bell
Brechin 1-0 Cooke, M
Kafka 0-1 Newton
Rutherford 1-0 Biancalana