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Today was the last match of the SNCL. The first team had a slim chance of the title, but we had to defeat the leaders Dundee City A and hope other results went our way. Unfortunately a strong Dundee team defeated us 4.5-0.5 to retain the title.

The second team needed to win to secure a top two finish and promotion from division 3. This we did with a 3-2 victory, congratulations to the team!

Thanks to everyone who played this season.

Good results all round for both teams in day 3 of the SNCL in Dunfermline. The 1st Team beat Hamilton and Stepps Warriors, both with a 3-2 scoreline. The 2nd Team recorded wins against Pentland Hills (3-2) and Oban 4-1. Both Teams lie 3rd with 1 round to play.

The 2nd Team have some chance of promotion to Division 2. They need to beat Musselburgh and hope that CSBOS can win against East Kilbride.

The SNCL Organising Team, led by GLynis Grant, announced that next season will be their final one in charge. They have run the SNCL for a number of years (decades?), and the league is as strong and well supported as I can remember.

Both teams ended the SNCL season with draws – the first team against Edinburgh West and the second team against Stonehaven. The first team are champions of the SNCL, for the first time since 2001. The second team narrowly missed promotion, finishing third in division 2. My thanks and congratulations to all who took part.

Results of SNCL rounds 3 and 4 played at Dunfermline on 25 November.

In division 1, Edinburgh 1 beat Giffnock and Clarkston by 4:1 and Edinburgh Uni by 3:2. Edinburgh 1 leads the division.

In division 2, Edinburgh 2 lost to Glenrothes Kings by 3.5:1.5 and drew with CS BoS 1. Edinburgh 2 is in second place on board points.

Results of the first two rounds of SNCL played on 28 October were: in Division 1, Edinburgh 1 beat Dundee City A by 3:2 and Hamilton A by 3:2 – really good results against last years winners and runners up. In Division 2, Edinburgh 2 beat Kilmarnock 3:2 and Dundee City B by 4.5: 0.5. Individual results are posted on the Chess Scotland noticeboard.

A new season and this year we start with a team in the top division! and one in the second. So hopefully tough opposition should be available to all wanting to play. If you’d like to play in SNCL and you haven’t been emailed by me in the past for each match, please let me know (johnssmith@blueyonder.co.uk). I’ll send out an email for teams for the first sncl day, which is at the end of October, in a few weeks. John