President’s Bulletin – 5th April

Dear Club Member,

No Tuesday event this week, but we have arranged a match against Liverpool Chess Club on Tuesday 13th April. Liverpool are the oldest club in England (est. 1837).  It’s an arena format of 5mins + 3s / move, and will run for 90 minutes (you play as many games as you can). Anyone can play – the more players enter the better – and the top 5 scores count for the final result. Link is below.

We are also arranging a rematch against the Mechanics’ Institute on the evening of April 24th. Details will follow over the next couple of weeks.

Our usual blitz event runs this Wednesday.

Tuesday 13th April, Liverpool Match, 7.30pm start:

Wednesday 7th April blitz arena, 7.45pm start, 1822 to join:

Best wishes,


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