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Despite the imminent arrival of Storm Ciara a squadron of members migrated north for the Perth Congress last weekend.

A well-attended congress, with over 130 chess-players, in the pleasant surroundings of the Salutation Hotel, it was extremely well managed by the organising team of Andy Howie, John McNicol, David Congleton et al. Technology reigned with the top boards from each tournament being shown live online (games from the top boards in each tournament round-by-round are here)

There were three Swiss tournaments in the congress: an Open (with 46 players including 4 titled players), Major (U1800 with 51 players) and Minor (U1400 with 43 players), together with an evening’s social Blitz organised for those staying over on the Saturday.


Winner of the Open was FM Abdulla Murad with a 100% score of 5/5 ahead of the club’s CM Andrew Green on 4/5. Father and son team Mike and Ben Ridge were competing head-to-head throughout the Open before Mike finally drew ahead in the final rounds.

Despite bids by both Calum McGillivray and Keith Aitchison on the two top boards in the final round, the Major was won by Stephen Robinson with a score of 4.5/5.

The Minor was won jointly by Freel Lawrence and our own David Cubitt (who was leading all the way before agreeing a draw in the final round) each on 4.5/5.

Club performance were (and apologies for any omissions/errors):


CM Andrew Green (4/5)
Mike Ridge (3/5)
Ben Ridge (2.5/5)
William Rutherford (0.5/5)


Calum McGillivray (3.5/5)
Keith Aitchison (3/5)
Ian Whittaker (3/5)
Robert Kane (3/5)
Allan Buchan (1/5)

David Cubitt (4.5/5) 1=

Full results can be found here and on the Chess Scotland web-site.

[Report and photos by Ian Whittaker}

A mass exodus took place at the weekend of club members heading for Oban’s 2019 Chess Congress  – with stunning views en route and on arrival

Snow passess traversed en route to Oban
Oban Harbour






….. with strange sights in the evening before Round 1!

A unicorn piece is introduced into the game at Oban Chess Congress

The Oban congress is one of the most popular events on the Scotland chess circuit. The event has been superbly organised for many years by Duncan Campbell and his team. The Congress was held in the Royal Hotel, Oban with four tournaments taking place, Open, Challengers (U-1900)  Major (U-1600) and Minor (U-1350) with over 120 players coming from all round Scotland and the UK.

And the winners were:

Top slots were achieved by both FM Neil Berry (the club’s president!) and Martin Brejter.

Neil came first equal in the Open and Martin first equal in the Major with Keith Aitchison winning a grading prize in the Challengers section.

Martin – Major First

In the Major Martin came out of round 4 as outright leader with 3.5/4 …..

Martin taking sole lead after round 4

….. but was held to a draw by fellow club member Ian Whittaker (on 3/4) in a tense final round game where Martin had pressure throughout but Ian finally won a pawn in the latter part of a tricky N+3Ps v B+3Ps endgame with two of Martin’s P’s on the same colour as his bishop – but a draw was finally agreed with both players down to just over a minute each in extra time …..

Also playing were Mike Ridge (who drew with IM Mark Orr in Round 2!) and Ben Ridge in the Open, Robert Kane in the Challengers, and Allan Buchan in the Major.

Many thanks for an excellent congress well organised by Duncan Campbell and his crew of arbiters and assistants.

The club was well represented at this year’s Dundee Congress on October 18-20. Held at the University and run very efficently by Keith Rose, the congress is established as one of the best on the Scottish circuit.

Going into the final round in the Premier competition, both myself and Willie Rutherford were in a large group half a point behind leader Steve Mannion. I was given the task of pegging back the tournament leader. We reached this position:

Steve played 16.Qc3!, sacrificing material to destroy the Black centre. After 16…Bb4 17.Qxc6 Bxe1 18.Rxe1 (18.gxf3!? is also interesting) the d5 pawn falls. 18…Be4 19.f3 Bf5 20.Bxd5 my Rooks are dominated by the Bishops, and White can try to arrange rolling his central majority. I made a draw, but was not happy with my position at this point.

One nice idea I found about after the game was to meet 16.Qc3 with 16…Rb8!?, intending 17.Qxc6 Rb6 and …Rg6 will follow. Black is doing at least fine here.

Unfortunately Willie lost to Murad Abdulla so did not join the winners, though he picked up a share of the grading prize as consolation.

Final Results:


Neil Berry 3.5
Willie Rutherford 3
Mike Ridge, Snorri Kristjansson 2
Robert Kane 1.5


Vipin Zamvar 3 (also picking up a grading prize)
Calum Macgillivray, Keith Aitchison, Richard Scott 2.5
Alan Buchan 1