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The club’s ran another online blitz tournament this week on Tuesday – again using the lichess site – free and straightforward to use – from 7.45pm to 9.15pm playing as many games as we could be fit in.  Time control was 3 mins + 2 seconds per move increment.

Final results were:

  1. Hugh Brechin
  2. Adam Bremner
  3. Andrew Green

 30 players … again an excellent turnout.  A full analysis of the tournament shows:

For future events and matches please join the Edinburgh Chess Club group.


The club’s ran its first ever online blitz tournament last night using the lichess site – free and pretty straightforward to use – from 7.45pm to 9.15pm playing as many games as we could be fit in.  Time control was 3 mins + 2 seconds per move increment.

Final results were:

  1. Clément Sreeves
  2. Andrew Green
  3. Adam Bremner

 32 players…excellent turnout.  A full analysis of the tournament shows:

 Message from our Club President, Neil Berry:

“Thanks to everyone for joining our first online blitz tournament!”

Dear Club Member,

The next club event, on Tuesday 18 February, will help prepare for our bi-centenary.  We will be going over the history of the club with a view to improving our understanding, especially in the later years.

David Archibald will introduce the proceedings for about half an hour. After that, we will invite listeners to share their knowledge and stories.  We will then discuss how we bring our historical document up-to-date.  Ian Whittaker will produce audio recording of the evening so we don’t miss anything.

If you are free, please come along to share and learn about the club’s rich history. Arrive at 7.30 for a 7.45 start as usual.

Best wishes,


[Neil Berry, Club President]

The odds competition which took place on 21 January was enjoyed by 16 players, forming two teams. The team of stronger players considerably outgraded the team of less strong players.

Last year, the less strong players lost by a narrow margin. This year, however, the stronger team won by 10-6. So, revenge has been taken!

We did, however, learned that even the equivalent of 7 pawns is not enough to win and next year we will probably match players so that the grading differences not more than 500.

The highlight of the evening, however, was to see so many of the juniors participating in this event, many of them having their first opportunity to play against stronger, senior players.

Raj (Raj Bhopal)

Dear club members,

Tonight (Tuesday 21st January 2020) we will be repeating last year’s very successful event. This event encourages players of different gradings to meet each other and play with each other as well as being fun. Please come. The pairings will be made on the night. As usual, please arrive by 7:30 PM for a 7:45 PM start. Each pair will play two games with 30 minutes on the clock, one as black and one as white. Part of the evening is likely to be finished by about 9 PM. After that, casual games as you wish.

In 2019 the club innovated (at least in modern times) by playing an odds competition. There were two teams comprising of the stronger four players, and the less strong four players. The stronger player gave up one pawn for every hundred point difference in their grading compared to the the less strong player. A maximum of seven pawns or their equivalent could be removed from the board. In one game the stronger player chose the material to be given up and in the other game the opponent chose the material.

There were substantial differences between the opponents in grading. Under normal circumstances, we might have expected the result to be a resounding win for the stronger players, perhaps 7:1 or thereabouts. However, the result was 3.5:4.5 i.e. the stronger players lost. It was an interesting and fun evening. The result indicated that the odds we chose were roughly right for allowing unequal battle between two dissimilar players. In many ways, this resembled the handicapping system in golf where players of different abilities can compete more or less equally, thus maintaining the sense of competition.

Thank you all.

Raj (Raj Bhopal)

Dear Club Member,

This Tuesday will see our annual Xmas Pairs Blitz and Social Evening.

We’ll have refreshments available and socializing from 7.30 pm, followed by pairing up for a fun blitz event. You’ll play alternate moves with your partner – no conferring!

Everyone is welcome, including parents of the Tiger Cubs, and we’ll make sure that the teams are evenly matched. Play should be concluded by 10pm.

Thanks to Mike and Al for agreeing to help on the night.

[Provided by Neil Berry, Club President]