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Message from Andre about Sunday’s event:

This Sunday we played the 2022 Club Championship. Given the (late) time of the year, we opted for a different format, playing a swiss tournament in Allegro time control.

A total of 14 players took part, with Willie Rutherford taking the top spot with 4.5 / 5.  Tom Leah followed second with 3.5 and David Archibald third with 3.5.

Congratulations Willie !

Next season we hope to resume the usual Championship / Challengers model, I’ll be sending an email after the Summer.

Dear Chess Players,

We’ll be proceeding with the Edinburgh Chess Club Allegro Championship this Sunday (26th of June).

It will be a swiss system, open to all club players, starting at 11 am, at 1 Alva St. The number of rounds will be decided on the day, depending on the number of players (I expect a total of 5 games). Time control will be 25 minutes per players.

I will be organizing the pairing on the same day (registration to the tournament will be done at the club on the day, too).

If you have any questions, feel free to reach me out.


Andre Antunes, Tournament Administrator

Dear Club Member

This is the first of 2 messages I will be sending this week.  It will be a busy few months!

  1. Note from Andre below about the running of the Club Championship this season:

We will be organising 2022’s club Championship (on the board!) in a different format this year.

It will be an open (to club players) swiss tournament with a faster time control (45 min for each player) spread over 2 days.

I would like to accommodate the biggest number of players, so if you’d like to participate, please fill in the link below which dates you would be available: (or let Andre know at

Details on the tournament will be provided once I get an idea how many people


Andre Antunes

  1. There is a festival happening at the club over the jubilee weekend (1-5 June) – made up of an IM Norm event, Challengers and Blitz.  Details at the link below:

Chess Scotland | The home of chess in Scotland

  1. The Scottish Championship will be held at the club this year, as a closed event, from July 2-10.  Again details can be found at Chess Scotland.

4. We are delighted to welcome a visit fromSchaakstad Apeldoorn to the club on 15-17 July.  I’ll be looking to form a Team to play against the visitors.  Early expressions of interest is welcome, though I’ll look to make up the side nearer the time.

Best wishes


Dear Club Member

National League Kick Off

Scottish National League Online began today. The 1st Team had 2 wins against Dundee 1 and Paisley, while the 2nd Team lost both fixtures. Full results at this link.

Rounds 3 and 4 are on Sunday 20th Feb.

This Week’s Chess

The club will be open as usual for OTB chess on Tuesday. We are also playing an online allegro match against Camberley Chess Club on the same night.

We are still looking for a couple of players for this match, if you are rated 1500-2200 and would like to play then please let me know.

Blitz Arena on Wednesday at 7.45pm on lichess. The usual password to join!


Neil, Club President

Dear Club Member,

Club Opens Tuesday!

We reopen from Tuesday at 7.30pm again for casual games. Covid protocols remain in place -please see the website home page for the details.


We are delighted that GM Keti Arakhamia-Grant has agreed to lead a second coaching programme to get players ready for battle in the New Year!

Keti will run a series of 2-hour interactive evening weekly sessions on Monday nights for 5 weeks – on the Lichess platform using Zoom initially but with the potential for face-to-face sessions in the club if at all possible. She will present an interactive lecture introducing the study theme, followed by “homework” for the following week. The homework is to be sent back to Keti individually and she will give feedback in the week between the sessions.

Keti had asked for topics of interest to players – already suggested topics for her to cover include end game play (especially with rooks!?!), handling the transition from middle- to end-game, pawn structures and playing defensively vs counter-attacking.

All participants need to have an account on Lichess, which is free and easy to register with, and the combination of Zoom and Lichess works well. If everyone is agreeable, we will also record the sessions – which is a useful option especially if someone is not able to attend any of the sessions, however it will only be made available to the participants for the period of the course.

In order to support this initiative, we would charge £40 (£20 for Juniors) for the 5 sessions and we need to get a minimum of 10 players to sign up – please can you advise Ian Whittaker asap if you are interested and wish to join in.

Once we have enough people signed up we will launch the coaching sessions with Keti!

Online Match v Camberley Chess Club

We have arranged to play against Camberley Chess Club online over 8 boards on Tuesday 1st Feb. There will be 2 games starting at 8pm, with a time control of 20 mins + 10s / move. Please let me know if you would like to play.

This Week’s Arena Details

Wednesday 7.45pm start.

Neil Berry, President