Club Tournaments - Overview

Most chess takes place in Scotland between August and April - the summer period is generally quieter and only the Scottish Championships and one or two congresses occur then. The League season is October to March and our own tournaments mostly mirror that apart from the championships which stretch a little further past the end of the season.

Internal Tournaments

We run the Club Championship on an all-play-all basis for the stronger players. There is usually a 10 player top section, and often a 10 player Challengers event. If there are sufficient entries a third level is also played for the lower graded players with the format varying with the numbers involved. Entries for these events must be received before the 2nd week in October. Matches are played on the third Wednesday of the Month between October and June, or earlier by arrangement between the players.
Time Control is 34 moves in 1 hour and 25 minutes followed by a 20 minute quick play (The same as is used in the Edinburgh League)

The 1st Monday Tournament is a 5 round Swiss event which takes place (surprise surprise) on the first Monday of each month. Generally starting in November or December to give anyone joining after the beginning of the season a chance of a meaningful tournament.

The Presidents Cup is a knockout tournament which has rather suffered from apathy in recent years. In an attempt to revive it we are running it this year as an Allegro event.

There are also regular allegro and 5-minute events on a casual basis on club nights.

Open Tournaments

A few years ago I ran a number of tournaments in the club that were open to other players. Firstly there were 13 Allegro events run on saturdays or sundays, and later there were 5 FIDE rating events designed to help players obtain FIDE ratings. Former President Willie Rutherford took up the challenge of reintroducing them and ran 4 events. Details of recent and forthcoming events are on the Open Events page.

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