Sets and Boards

We have a main playing room which can hold up to 16 tables. All play takes place on wooden tables with inlaid boards. There is a small analysis room where players can analyse their completed games without disturbing other matches.
Score sheets are provided for all match play.


There is a full selection of clocks - mostly analog but we do have some of the newer digital ones. We ask that these not be used for 5 minute chess!

Club LibraryLibrary

We have a lending Library which contains a broad selection of titles - generally of a type which will have permanent value such as game collections, biographies, middlegame and endgame instruction, and opening principles. We tend to avoid the latest fashionable opening books as these tend to have a limited lifespan.

We also have an extensive historic library which members can consult on the premises by arrangement.


There is a video player and monitor on which can be viewed a selection of instructional videos.

Demonstration Board

For instructional talks and discussions

Notice Board

A notice board provides information on all club activities while another smaller one displays entry forms for congresses in Scotland.

The trophy cabinet contains a number of fascinating historic artefacts and will be of interest to many players.


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