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Dear Club Member,

There is a new Team event scheduled to begin on Sunday January 31st – the Scottish Online Chess League (SNOCL). Format is 2 rounds per day, rapid format (25mins + 10s / move), teams of 5 players. Further information is here.

Please let me know if you are interested in playing. We may enter a number of teams if there is sufficient interest.

We had good numbers for last week’s Tuesday and Wednesday events and will continue with the same formats again. Both start at 7.45pm and run for 90 minutes.

Finally, we will play against the Mechanics Institute on Saturday Feb 6th. If anyone has experience of Team matches on chess.com then please let me know.



[The Mechanics’ Institute Chess Club in San Francisco is the oldest chess club in the United States.]

Round 3

David Archibald      2 – 4  Benjamin Perez Souto

Mark Sanderson    3 – 1   Rod Cranston

Yanni Yannoulis    0 – 2   Mike Ridge

Vipin Zamvar          2 – 0   Gavin Saxton  

Plate – KO Round

Raj Bhopal              2 – 0   Adam Wadler

Robert Burns          0 – 2   Bill Platts

Leora Wadler         0 – 2   Calum McGillivray