Round 1 Results:

Johnny Marr 2 – 0 Stefan Robertson
David Archibald 2-0 Robert Burns
Mark Sanderson 2-0 Callum McGillivray


Mark Smith, Chris Sykes, Loukas Lazarov

Outstanding Pairings:

Mike Ridge/Fergus Skillen (12  & 13th April)
Bill Platts / Robert Horne (tba, please let me know)

Draw for Round Two:

Round 2 Game 1 – Mon April 19th
Round 2 Game 2 – Mon April 26th

  1. (Mike Ridge/Fergus Skillen) vs Shivan Murdochy
  2. Johnny Marr vs Keith Aitchison
  3. David Archibald vs Mark Sanderson
  4. Rod Cranston vs (Bill Platts / Robert Horne)

Plate :

Players who lose their first game are eligible to enter the ‘Plate’ competition. Callum and Robert Burns have entered so far.
Please let me know if you wish to enter.

I will announce the pairings as soon as I have a complete list. The first game in the Plate is likely to be Mon May 10th.

Updated Dates for Round 3 (Semi Final)

We had exactly 16 players, so we only need 4 Rounds to get a winner, rather than the planned 5.  So the planned round in May will not take place.

Round 3 Game 1 – Mon June 7th
Round 3 Game 2 – Mon June 14th

The final is due for Sunday June 20th (am & pm)

A number of club members participated in the recent Edinburgh Congress (April 2-4), and not without success…

We made a clean sweep of the prizes in the Bishops tournament, with our SNCL Captain John Smith winning outright on 4.5/5.  Mike Scott (4) was second, and Ben He (3.5) won the grading prize.  We also picked up several other grading prizes through Calum MacQueen, Jonny Scott and Shivan Murdochy in the Premier, Andrew Masters and Mark Sanderson in the Challengers and Callum McGillvary in the Knights.

We now have 16 entrants for the club championships. If you are playing, please remember to attend the 1st round which is Monday 29th March.

The following players have registered. Please let me know if you have registered and your name is missing.

(in order of registration)

1 Chris Sykes
2 Keith Aitchison
3 Mike Ridge
4 Stefan Robertson
5 Robert Horne
6 Mark Sanderson
7 Fergus Skillen
8 Robert Burns
9 Rod Cranston
10 Bill Platts
11 Shivan Murdochy
12 David Archibald
13 Mark Smith
14 Callum McGillivray
15 Johnny Marr
16 Loukas Lazarov

There will be a draw (FA cup style) at 7:30 where players will be chosen from a hat. This will determine your path through the competition. Please arrive in good time for this.

Games will commence once the draw is complete. If you have any questions please email or phone me.


Andy Masters

Semi final played 14/03/10:

Dragons 5-3 Edinburgh

Mark Orr 1-0 Neil Berry

Mark Fraser 0-1 Sebastian Gattenloehner

Alan Minnican 1-0 Andrew Green

Graham Hamilton 1-0 Clement Sreeves

John McLay 0-1 Alastair White

Walter Burnett 0.5-0.5 Graeme Kafka

Elliot Sloan 0.5-0.5 Hugh Brechin

Eoin Campbell 1-0 Calum MacQueen

A disappointing end to this season’s Richardson campaign.  Good luck to Dragons in the final, they certainly played the better chess overall on the day.