Played 09/03:

Dragons I 2-4 Edinburgh I

Mark Orr 0-1 Neil Berry

Alan Minnican 1-0 Sebastian Gattenloehner

Graham Hamilton 0-1 Clement Sreeves

John McLay 1-0 Graeme Kafka

Walter Burnett 0-1 Hugh Brechin

Elliot Sloan 0-1 Daniel McGowan

Nice to win this one, although the result had no impact on the final standings.  Clement finished the season as top scorer with a superb 8.5/9, ahead of Hugh (8/9), Daniel (8/10) and myself (7.5/10).

Match Result from 03/03:

Edinburgh I 5-1 Pentland Hills I

Neil Berry 1-0 Ian Morrison

Andrew Green 1-0 Mike Thompson

Clement Sreeves 0.5-0.5 David Begg

Calum MacQueen 1-0 Alan Heavens

Hugh Brechin 1-0 James Roy Ramsey

Daniel McGowan 0.5-0.5 Walter Pearson

Convincing wins by Andrew and Calum put us in control early on in this match, and while the other games gave varying degrees of concern, the result was never really in doubt.  This victory means that the 1st Team have retained their Premier Division crown, with 1 match still to play.

Match played 3rd March 2010

        Edinburgh 3                    3-3         Bank of Scotland 1

        Lindsay McGregor       0.5 – 0.5    Jamie Mollison

        Colin Hutchison              0   –   1       Findlay Murray

        Jonny Scott                       1    –  0      David Stewart

        Mark Sanderson              0   –  1        Thomas Grundy

        Shivan Murdochy           1   –   0       Graeme Russell

        David Cubitt                    0.5 –  0.5    James Turner

A draw against Lasswade 2 in the final match of the season will be enough to ensure the Third Team are promoted.

Match played 17th February 2010

       Gorgie Dalry         1-5    Edinburgh 3

       Paul Girdwood        0-1        Lindsay McGregor

       Stuart Good         0.5-0.5    Colin Hutchison

       William Hynd          0-1         Mark Sanderson

       Stuart McKinney    0-1        Shivan Murdochy

       Howard Key         0.5-0.5    David Cubitt

       Chris Tait                   0-1        Robert Horne

Match Result from 16/02:

Wandering Dragons 2  1-5  Edinburgh 1

Richard Kynoch  0-1  Neil Berry

Jim O’Neil  0-1  Sebastian Gattenloehner

Ewan Taylor  0-1  Andrew Green

Donald Heron  0-1  Clement Sreeves

Richard Carter  0.5-0.5  Hugh Brechin

Chris Donkin  0.5-0.5  Daniel McGowan

The 1st Team move to within 2 points (with 2 matches remaining) of retaining the Premier title following this convincing victory.