Surplus Magazines – Auction Sale – 7th April 2022

Advance notice that the club is planning to offer for sale the first batch of its surplus magazines and other publications in an auction which is to be held by Thomas Roddick on Thursday 7th April at 11.30am at their Carlisle saleroom.

Further details will be available much nearer the time when illustrated catalogues will be available on line at and live online bidding will be available via and

To whet your appetite the magazines on offer include:

  • Bound volumes of early rare magazines such as Volume 1 of the Chess Chronicle (published in 1841), which became the first successful English-language chess magazine, and a bound copy of Volume 1 of The Chess Monthly (published in 1879-80);
  • Many other bound volumes and single issues of old magazines such as The Chess Amateur, Chess Pie, The Chess Monthly: “Suum Cuique”, Chess Chronicle, The Chess Monthly
  • Many bound and unbound volumes of long running publications such as Chess (Sutton Coldfield), British Chess Magazine, both Scottish Chess and its predecessor the Scottish Chess Bulletin;
  • Some foreign language magazines such as Shakhmatnyi Bulleten;
  • Recent unbound volumes and single issues of modern magazines such as King Pin and New In Chess;
  • And last, but not least, a bundle of Edinburgh Chess Club’s own magazine Capital (Capatal) Chess!

Further details can be obtained from Ian Whittaker, Curator (curator @

2 thoughts on “Surplus Magazines – Auction Sale – 7th April 2022”

  1. Hi,
    I have a few questions about surplus magazines.
    Can you confirm again that the auction will take place on April 7 at 11:30 ?
    Does the winner have an additional bonus to pay (a premium) ?
    Will you have old chess bulletins from the French Chess Federation (FFE) ?

    Thanks for all,

  2. Hi Guy, Thanks for your questions.

    1. This is the date that the auctioneers have indicated that the auction is to be held. We are waiting on confirmation and also when the full catalogue will be made available.
    2. Yes there will be a buyers premium – but this will depend on whether you attend in person or bid via one of the online auctions sites that they are using – these details will included in the catalogue when it is available.
    3. Unfortunately we don’t have any duplicate FFE bulletins in the sale – indeed we only have a few older french language magazine (both French and Belgian) in the library and would welcome further donations ourselves!

    Kind Regards

    Ian, Curator

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