Match Result and Richardson/ Spens Draw

The Chess Edinburgh Premier Division for the 2010/11 Season began last night with a match between Edinburgh 1 and 2.  The second team were weakened by the absence of a few of their regulars, and the match was closer and more hard fought than the final scoreline suggests.  However:

Edinburgh 1 5.5-0.5 Edinburgh 2

Neil Berry 1-0 Chris McIntee

Andrew Green 1-0 Mike Ridge

Daniel McGowan 1-0 David Archibald

Hugh Brechin 1-0 Mark Sanderson

David Oswald 1-0 Colin Hutchison

Graeme Kafka 0.5-0.5 Keith Aitchison

On another note, the Richardson Cup draw has thrown up a cracking match for us against Edinburgh West, while the Spens draw has us away to East Kilbride in the first round.