MacIsaac and Nancy Elder Competitions

We are currently looking for a representative to compete in each of these competitions.

These are individual knock-out tournaments open to all Chess Scotland clubs.  Matches are played at evenings or weekends at the home player’s club, home or a neutral venue.  There can be signficant travel involved (e.g. I’ve made trips to Dundee, Galashiels and Greenock whilst competing in the Nancy Elder in the past).

The MacIsaac is for club champions, or failing that, a club member graded at least 1850.  The Nancy Elder is open to any member of the club graded below 1850 (1775 junior).  In recent years, we have given our club championship runner-up first refusal of our Nancy Elder place (if eligible).

This season, neither the club champion nor the runner-up have elected to participate in these competitions, and we are consequently throwing them open to the wider membership.  If you would like to represent the club in either competition, please let myself or David Archibald know.

Mark Sanderson