Consultation Chess – Guest Night

Dear club members,

On Tuesday, 22 October we are having our very first, innovative guest night.  All guests are welcome.

We are particularly keen, however, on people who are beginners but know the moves and would like to learn more.

The plan is that members will bring friends, partners, parents or children.  The intention is to play consultation chess (as was so popular in the 19th century) so the member and the guest can talk to each other about which move to choose, and equally listen to the opponents while they choose their moves.  The idea is to allow our guests to learn more about the game.

So, it will be a more social evening than usual.

It should be fun and if it works it will be good for the membership and future of the club.

Please do your best to bring a guest. We will pair up on the night depending on how many guests come.

As usual, please arrive at 7:30 PM for a 7:45 PM start.

Neil and Raj