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On Saturday evening the club played a return match against the Mechanics Institute of San Francisco played over 10 boards on (2 games on each board: 15 minutes for the game with 2 second move increments) .

The game was broadcast (and recorded) on Twitch with commentary by a great line up made of GM Nick de Firmian, FM Paul Whitehead, WCM Allyson Wong along with MI’s Chess Director Abel Talamantez and MI’s General Manager Dr Judit Sztaray.

We lost 14-6 in the end against a strong side, but managed some good performances.  The top two boards ended equal with FM Neil drawing both his games on top board against IM Josiah Stearman whilst Adam deserves special mention for winning one game against GM Patrick Wolff.   Berislav managed half a point versus IM Elliott Winslow.  Ian held US National Master Mike Walder to a draw in their first game but whilst fighting hard in their second game got into time trouble and lost defending an opposite bishops endgame.

Some games from the match, annotated by GM Nick de Firmian, are in MI’s recent newsletter.

Message from Abel and the Mechanics’ Chess Team:

Hi Neil,

We wanted to give thanks to you and your team for helping organize the club match. It is great to have this kind of positive interaction between our clubs and communities, and we look forward to continuing to engage and collaborate in the future.

Edinburgh’s Team:

Neil Berry (thebalernobull)
Adam Bremner (AllStarShark)
Berislav Marusic (Sunshine1978)
Henk Bulthuis (henkbu)
Ian Whittaker (scotsgeek)
AJ Rushing (anacampserote)
Calum McGillivray (Penguin89C)
Ross Blackford (Ragnar006)
Robert Kane (fiercebadger)
Ian Johnston (SplashLeChat)

Full results can be found here on

Dear Club Member,

Last Tuesday we faced Liverpool Chess Club, the oldest chess club in England and established in 1837 (15 years our junior!). The final score was a win for Edinburgh, 123-114. We’ll hopefully be able to arrange a return match.

This week’s club events:

Wednesday Blitz Arena (7.45pm start, 1822 to join)

Saturday return match against Mechanics’ Institute (7pm)  Similar to last time, with a couple of tweaks. It will be 2 rapid games of 15+2 against the same opponent.  The match will take place on  We’ll determine the pairings manually, so please let me know in the next couple of days if you would like to play.



Dear Club Member,

Edinburgh Chess Academy

First of all a shout out to our Tiger Cubs coach Andrew Green, who through the Edinburgh Chess Academy has organised an online tournament for Scottish juniors with a £10,000 prize fund. The event takes place on June 12-13, and more details can be found on their website.  Please spread the word!

Scottish National Online Chess League (SNOCL)

The final round of the SNOCL  took place on Sunday. Unfortunately we finished with a couple of losses.  Thanks to those who played, and I did manage to win the afternoon blitz for a small amount of revenge.

This week’s events

Both start at 7.45pm.

Best wishes,

Dear Club Member

Last Saturday we had an online match against the Mechanic’s Institute from San Francisco. We lost a fairly well balanced match 15-11. The match was streamed by our opponents on their twitch channel. We are looking to set up a return match next month. [NB: The Mechanics Institute have included two annotated games from the match in their weekly newsletter]

One year ago we took the decision to close the club. We certainly did not anticipate the closure lasting this long. Hopefully with the vaccine rolling out, we will be able to open up over the summer. But this will depend on progress against the virus.

This weeks’ events are below. Both start at 7.45pm.

  • Tuesday Rapids (7 mins + 5s/move)
  • Wednesday Blitz (1822 to join)



Dear Club Member

Rounds 3 and 4 of the Scottish Online National Chess League took place yesterday. Edinburgh 1 had a default win against Edinburgh University, followed by a 2.5-2.5 draw against a strong Dundee side. The second Team lost close matches 2-3 against Oban and Ardrossan. With a bit of luck we may have come away with more. The final match takes place on March 28th. The 1st Team have a chance of winning the title, but will need a big victory against Bon Accord.

This week’s chess events:

Saturday match vs Mechanics Institute, 7pm

You will first need to be a member of our group on to play (click on the group link above to join) then on the day you will be able to join via this link.