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On May 23rd, we played an online match against Andre’s old club from Germany, SK Bebenhausen. The format was a 9 player Scheveningen tournament, which means that each player from Edinburgh plays 1 game against each of the Bebenhausen team (and vice versa). The time control was 5 minutes + 3 second increment, so all games were played in one session. The system was very efficient, you challenged each opponent in turn and submitted the result afterwards on the lichess group forum.

The final Score was Edinburgh 42 – 39 Bebenhausen. We edged a close match! Our top scorers were Calum MacQueen (7/9), Adam Bremner and Sven Stocklose (both 6.5).

Some highlights from the event:

Rudolf Brauning top scored for Bebenhausen, but ran into an inspired performance from Alastair. Notes mainly from the winner.

Thanks to our opponents, and to Andre for arranging the match. It was great fun and played in a friendly spirit.

On Saturday evening we took part in a UK blitz team tournament online. The “UK Clubs Self Isolating Pawns Team Battle” featured 8 clubs, and was run on the lichess server using the Team Battle Arena option. The tournament ran for 2 hours, and you played as many blitz games as you could fit in against players from other clubs. The top 5 scorers from each club were used to calculate final standings.

The pairing system itself is a bit unpredictable, it is some combination of the Swiss pairing system and using the players who are available, given there are no set round times. You just go with it! It is possible to pause in between to get a cup of tea for example (or something stronger), and joining late or leaving early is possible too.

We managed a highly creditable 2nd place behind winners Hackney. Clement and Calum were out top scorers, and in fact were top scorers for the whole tournament! Final results can be seen here

We’ll be trying to go one better next Saturday at 8pm! To play just go to the Team homepage on lichess and sign up to the UK Self Isolating Pawns Team Battle on 2nd May.

Unfortunately we lost our game against Edinburgh University 2. The final result was 4-2.  This means that we will finish 4th in the league and will not be promoted.

However we did have a small gem played by Indrek who had a fun game playing the von Hennig-Schara Gambit – see the club’s Facebook page for the game!

Full result:
McGillivray 0.5-0.5 Donitova
Reiland 1-0 Hand
Brejter 0-1 Angeletos Chrysaitis
Whittaker 0.5-0.5 Lyakh
Armitage 0-1 Bao
Platts 0-1 Knak

[Report by Calum McGillivray, team captain]

We won our match against Bank of Scotland 2 Thursday night 5 – 1, This means that we still have a chance of being promoted to Division 1 and, possibly, even winning Division 2 this year. We will need a win in our next match in order to do that!

Full board results:

McGillivray 0.5-0.5 Stewart
Reiland 1-0 Russell
Brejter 1-0 Forbes
Whittaker 0.5-0.5 Murray
Sinha 1-0 Prestage
Robertson 1-0 Powell

[Report by Calum McGillivray, team captain]

Edinburgh 1 have retained the Premier Division title! A 5-1 victory against Badgers Brook on Monday clinched victory with a match to spare, with a record of played 9, won 8 drawn 1 (against Edinburgh 2!).

The squad this season was Adam Bremner, Petros Wallden, Neil Berry, Paul Roberts, Hugh Brechin, David Sime, Graeme Kafka, Willie Rutherford and Andre Antunes.