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Played on 26 January:

Edinburgh 1 5.5-0.5 Edinburgh 2

Neil Berry 1-0 Calum MacQueen

Sebastian Gattenloehner 1-0 Chris McIntee

Andrew Green 1-0 Mike Ridge

Daniel McGowan 1-0 Johnny Scott

Hugh Brechin draw Colin Hutchison

Graeme Kafka 1-0 Keith Aitchison


Played 1 February:

Wandering Dragons 2 0.5-5.5 Edinburgh 1

Anthony Dempsey draw Neil Berry

Richard Kynoch 0-1 Sebastian Gattenloehner

Eoin Campbell 0-1 Andrew Green

Ewan Taylor 0-1 Daniel McGowan

Richard Carter 0-1 Hugh Brechin

Donald Heron 0-1 David Oswald

Played 12/1:

Edinburgh I 2-4 University I

Neil Berry 0-1 Pavlos Bozinakis

Sebastian Gattenloehner 0-1 Boris Mitrovic

Andrew Green 1-0 Stephan Michel

Daniel McGowan draw Adam Bremner

Hugh Brechin 0-1 ??

Graeme Kafka draw Jonathan Edwards

A bad day at the office.  University move 1 point clear of us at the top of the league.  There’s still the return fixture in March to play, so there’s still all to play for…