A few first thoughts on whether we should be doing anything for the 200th anniversary in 10 years time and if so what. It seems to me that it would be nice, if we could, to organise at least one event that would make some sort of impact on the chess world, but I guess that’s the first question – do members have enough time, interest and enthusiasm to put something like that together. Or would people just prefer things that the membership could participate in? Then we get to the question of cost – we’re not going to host top GMs without some sizeable sponsorship. If possible, could we do a variety of events – perhaps a few visits, talks, or simuls for the members, perhaps a special local league event(s) to involve other Edinburgh players, and then school visits or a children’s tournament to encourage juniors? It would be nice to know how members feel about it. As an aside we should perhaps also be thinking about redecorating the premises if we’re going to put ourselves on show to the world. Please share your thoughts.

A new season and this year we start with a team in the top division! and one in the second. So hopefully tough opposition should be available to all wanting to play. If you’d like to play in SNCL and you haven’t been emailed by me in the past for each match, please let me know (johnssmith@blueyonder.co.uk). I’ll send out an email for teams for the first sncl day, which is at the end of October, in a few weeks. John