The 190th AGM of the Edinburgh Chess Club will be held at 7.45pm, Tuesday 13th September at 1 Alva Street, Edinburgh.

All members are encouraged to attend and participate.  Please note however, that under the Club Laws voting rights reside with current Full Members – Town (including Concessionary), Country, Life, and Honorary Members with qualifying Full Membership.  Town and Country members who wish to vote should ensure that they have paid their 2011/12 subscription prior to commencement of the meeting.

AGM Agenda 2011

AGM Minutes 2010 (Draft)

ECC Membership Form 201112

Roof Repair Update, August 2011


The first two dates for the new SNCL season are Sunday 30 October and Sunday 27 November. I’ll be sending emails as normal closer to the dates to see who would like to play, but in the meantime if there are any members (new or otherwise) who would like to be involved, or find out a bit more about it, please would you contact me so that I can ensure you are on the email list. My email is (note the extra “s”).