The draw for the second round of the Club Championship was made at the Club on 20th April by Adam and Leora Wadler.  The ties, to be completed by 16th May, are:

Aitchison           v.      Saxton

Archibald           v.      Girvan

Bhopal               v.       Ridge

Marr                    v.       Cranston

Perez Souto      v.       Platts

Sanderson        v.       Horne

Whittaker           v.       Yannoulis

Zamvar              v.        Burns

Matches played at Roslin, 14th April:

Round 11

Edinburgh A      2 ½  – 1 ½      Lasswade

Edinburgh B        2   –    2         Gorgie Dalry

Final positions:

1. Edinburgh A            32 ½    (win on tie-break of  individual result v. Badgers Brook)

2. Badgers Brook       32 ½

3. Lasswade                29

Edinburgh B finished eighth (out of 12 teams) with 20 points.

Top Scorers

Ben He and Sam Gregory both finished with 9/11 for Edinburgh A, and Fergus Skillen 7 ½/11.

For Edinburgh B, Shivan Murdochy scored 4/5, David Archibald 4 ½/6 and Calum McGillivray 6 ½/9