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2010/11 Club Championship – Round 1

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

There are 21 entries for the 2010/11 Club Championship.

The draw for Round 1 was made at the Club on 31st March with Johnny Marr drawing the first named player and Calum McGillivray the second.

The ties, to be completed by 25th April, are:

Archibald            v.       Anderson

McGillivray          v.       Horne

Sanderson         v.       Wilson

Saxton                 v.       Wadler, L

Wadler, A            v.       Aitchison

The remaining 11 players (Bhopal, Burns, Cranston, Girvan, Marr, Perez Souto, Platts, Ridge, Whittaker, Yannoulis, Zamvar) have a bye to Round 2.

Tiger Cubs Match Result

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Match played at Alva Street, 30th March:

Lasswade  2          6 – 0     Tiger Cubs

Anthony Roberts    1 – 0     Fergus Skillen

Michael Pollard      1 – 0     Default

Charles Nisbet      1 – 0      Leora Wadler

John Hutchison     1 – 0      Michael Welch

Anthony Akers        1 – 0      Adam Wadler

Olav Lange             1 – 0      Robert Pirrie

Club Championship Reminder

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Please note that the closing date for entry to the 2010/11 Club Championship is 7pm on Thursday 31st March.  The draw for the first round will take place at the club later that evening, and will be posted on the club noticeboard and blog along with a confirmed schedule of dates.

Further details: Edinburgh Chess Club Championship 2010-2011

Confirmed entries to date: Keith Aitchison, Dennis Anderson, David Archibald, Raj Bhopal, Robert Burns, Rod Cranston, Alastair Girvan, Robert Horne, Johnny Marr, Calum McGillivray, Bill Platts, Mike Ridge, Mark Sanderson, Gavin Saxton, Benjamin Perez Souto, Adam Wadler, Leora Wadler, Ian Whittaker, David Wilson, Yanni Yannoulis, Vipin Zamvar

Tiger Cubs Match Result

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Match played at Alva Street, 23rd March:

Civil Service 2            2½ – 3½       Tiger Cubs

Ralph Jackson                0 – 1           Angus Taylor

Gordon MacDonald        1 –  0          Fergus Skillen

Patrick Miller                    0 – 1           Rishi Pandya

Mike Gilroy                        1 – 0          Leora Wadler

Alex Powell                      ½ –  ½         Michael Welch

Default                               0 – 1          Adam Wadler

Third Team Match Result

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Match played 22nd March:

Musselburgh 1     1½ – 4½    Edinburgh 3

Quads Results

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Round 1, Played 7th March:

Section A

Chris McIntee       0 – 1        Yanni Yannoulis

Mike Ridge            0 d 1        David Wilson      

Section B 

Johnny Marr         ½ – ½     Calum McGillivray

Round 2, Played 21st March:

Section A

David Wilson         1 – 0        Chris McIntee

Yanni Yannoulis    0 – 1       Mike Ridge

Section B 

Robert Burns         0 – 1       Johnny Marr

Spring Allegro

Monday, March 21st, 2011

The club hosted the Spring Allegro on Sunday March 20th with a capacity entry of 24 players.  The proud winner of the Spring Allegro Trophy (two splendidly yellow flower pots magnificently crested with a packet of sunflower seeds) was Callum Watt with a score of 4½/5, which included a win over top seed Ed Perry.  Details:

1. Callum Watt (Balerno)             4½

2. Dick Heathwood (Pentland Hills)    4

3. Ed Perry (Sandy Bells), Mark Sanderson (Edinburgh), Paul Girdwood (Gorgie/Dalry)     3½

Many thanks to Bob Burns and David Archibald for another well run and enjoyable event (and further contribution to Club funds).

Next event likely to be early May.

Spens Cup Match Result

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Spens Cup semi-final played at Stobswell Sports and Recreation Club, Dundee on 19th March:

Castlehill             5 – 1      Edinburgh B

Colin Edwards   ½ – ½    Graeme Kafka
Michael Grove    1 – 0      David Archibald
Dmitry Payada   1 – 0      Lindsay McGregor
Andrew Paulin  ½ – ½    Mark Sanderson
Keith Rose          1 – 0      Chris Sykes
Andre Babin        1 – 0      Robert Horne

Richardson Cup Match Result

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Played Saturday 19 March:

Dundee 2.5 – 5.5 Edinburgh
Colin McNab (w) .5-.5 Neil Berry
Peter Constantinou 0-1 Sebastian Gattenloehner
Ed Spencer 0-1 Andrew Green
David Findlay .5-.5 Calum MacQueen
David Patrick (Chaski) .5-.5 Daniel McGowan
Stephen Hogg .5-.5 Alastair White
Gary Weir .5-.5 Hugh Brechin
James Anderson 0-1 David Oswald

We’re in the final!!  We will play Glasgow Polytechnic on Sunday 22 May in Grangemouth.  Prerparation starts now!


Edinburgh 1 Match Result(s)

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Played Wed 2 March:

Edinburgh 1 3-3 Dragons 1. 

From Tuesday 15 March:

University 2-4 Edinburgh 1

P Bozinakis .5-.5 Neil Berry

B Mitrovic 0-1 Sebastian Gattenloehner

K Khandhar .5-.5 Andrew Green

S Michel .5-.5 Daniel McGowan

A Bremner .5-.5 Hugh Brechin

W Ho 0-1 David Oswald

Unfortunately this result wasn’t enough for us to win the league, which Dragons clinched with a 4-2 win over Lasswade.  Congratulations to them.